Lessons in Innovation

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Richard Feynman and ‘Cargo Cult Innovation’

The desire to embrace innovation without fully understanding it or how it is best employed in a company is the root cause of Cargo Cult Innovation. In this circumstance the ‘cargo’ is radically better products or services and the cult is the practice of ‘innovation-like’ activities which do very little to drive (and in some cases may actually hinder), their development.

Secrets of a Successful Innovation Network

So, your company prides itself on how innovative it is, yet your employees grumble about how many good ideas get killed before they can germinate? You decide to build an innovation network, give it a snazzy name and even provide some seed money to bring ideas to proof of concept. Who do you populate the network with? What are the traits of core team members that will make it a success? 

Secrets of a Successful Innovation Network: The Dark Side.

Now that you know who should be in your innovation network, you should know the types of people to avoid

This Week in Innovation

The first in a series celebrating  innovative developments across science, technology and business. 

This Week in Innovation: Edition 2

Enjoyed the first in the series covering the best of innovation? Read more in part two.

Award Winning Innovation

Discover how RHC IMZADI's Andrew Murphy took Shell's innovative 'Oasis' Hydrogen refueller from concept to award winning product.